When we started 'Cinema Under The Stairs' back in 2016, an annual film festival in our hometown was always on the agenda and it felt like a natural progression after showcasing the very best in cult and classic movies in the city of dreaming spires. The Horror genre and community are very dear to our hearts and it’s with great pride that we've managed to create a fantastically well received and passionate festival, which we've constantly sold out year after year. A festival which focuses on celebrating the very best of horror movies, the stone cold classics we love and yearn to watch on the big screen once again and with the best of crowds! The same philosophy and special brand of entertainment we've brought from our regular monthly screenings at 'CUTS'.

Shocktober Fest also lovingly known as 'SHOX' attracts the very best names from the horror community, who come to introduce their personal favourite flicks, which is usually followed by the best of after-show drinks in the finest pubs Oxford has to offer. The horror community are the BEST and it's the pub meet ups which we bookend for each film, which gives SHOX the friendliest and warmest atmosphere possible. What we love even more than the films is seeing horror fans making new friends and sharing their joy for the genre.

But the ace up the sleeve is the city itself. Oxford in glorious autumn, with it's neo gothic architecture and dimly lit cobbled streets, in our opinion, is the perfect setting to stage a horror festival. The greatest of all horror film festivals! Cinema Under The Stairs welcomes you to SHOX.

If you're interested in being involved with this year's Shocktober Festival as a member from the horror community, to promote a film or even becoming a sponsor of the festival, please email us at

Shocktober 2022

09.10.22 to 14.10.22


Shocktober 2021

25.10.21 to 30.10.21

Shocktober 2019

20.10.19 to 28.10.19