Rosemary's Baby

Fri 29th oct 2021

@ The Jericho Tavern

Doors: 7:30PM

Film: 8:30PM

Part of: Shocktober 2021

Roman Polanski. 1968

Ira Levin’s devil worshiping freak-a-thon of a novel is brought to life by Polanksi and his astute casting of the great John Cassavetes, Mia Farrow and Ruth Gordon. Polanski and Farrow may have thought this was going to be as controversial as their lives got! Nope, just a warm up! Central Park living never looked so good, as long as you don’t answer the door to the nosy neighbours. Holy crap, it’s Ralph Bellamy, one of the old dudes from ‘Trading Places’, he’s got a warm demeanour, he must be a good… oh. If ever a movie screamed, ‘lock your doors and fuck everyone else in your block’, this is it.