Mon 29th apr 2019

@ Tap Social Movement

Doors: 7:30PM

Film: 8:30PM

Meet Max, he’s a trashy media mogul in charge of a low budget tv channel. Meet Blondie, Max’s girlfriend. Max buys a new show for his lurid empire, hoping to bump up the ratings. The show is Videodrome.

Gratuitous torture and punishment for entertainment ( a little like Blankety Blank). Is it real or not? Blondie auditions for Videodrome and doesn’t come back! Holy smokes.

Max goes in search of the truth and it’s stranger than fiction because there’s none queerer than folk and never the twain shall meet at the end of the day when all is said and done two wrongs don’t make a right and every cloud has silver lining. Unless it’s Chernobyl.