Pulp Fiction

Mon 15th oct 2018

@ Backseat Becky's at The Breakfast Club

Doors: 7:30PM

Film: 8:30PM

Tarantino’s not-so-difficult second movie features an ensemble cast to cream-pie for. Hound-dog script shizzle from Avary and the QT, a surf and turf soundtrack with its toes to the nose and enough references from the chasm of part daddio-cool, part geekazoid to remain in the cultural hubbub for eternity.

Bow down to the Big Kahuna and have a mutha fukkin foot massage.

We’re screening this at the perfectly kitsch Backsteat Becky’s Speakeasy behind The Breakfast Club. Beers will be 2-for-1 and they’ll be serving Big Kahuna Burgers and Jack Rabbit Slims specially for us.

Space is very limited so make sure you get your tickets lickety-split. Oh, and come dressed for the part or we WILL strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger!