Shocktober 2019





Oxford’s monthly cult movie night, Cinema Under The Stairs will be bringing their special brand of entertainment to Halloween this year with a 6 night, 6 venue, 6 film celebration of the horror movie genre.

The Shox19 lineup


@ Ultimate Picture Palace

Doors: 8:00PM

Film: 8:30PM

Plus Q&A with Mike Muncer from The Evolution of Horror Podcast

1985 Italy. Lamberto Bava. Dubbed to English

Horror maestro, Dario Argento produced and co- wrote this gonzo, Italo-horror, gory classic. Shot in Berlin and Rome, Bava’s heavy metal themed, rampaging, splatter fest takes place almost entirely within a cinema, celebrating the horror movie absolute.


@ Tap Social Movement

Doors: 7:30PM

Film: 8:30PM

1998 Japan. Hideo Nakata. English subtitles

Face twisting fear is served up as a delicious technological take on urban legend dread. This hugely influential modern nightmare has become a cult classic, spawning sequels, re-makes and reviving and reinventing Japanese horror.

The Exorcist

@ Glut

Doors: 7:30PM

Film: 8:30PM

973 United States. William Friedkin

William Peter Blatty’s best selling novel was brought to the screen by celebrated movie Brat, Friedkin, dealing havoc throughout the world. Fainting audience members, barf bags for punters, Mike Oldfield’s haunting soundtrack; if ever celluloid has become legend, it is The Exorcist.

The Haunting

@ Modern Art Oxford

Doors: 7:30PM

Film: 8:30PM

1963 United States. Robert Wise

Shot in a misty, rural England of yesteryear, the film Martin Scorsese voted the scariest movie of all time, still troubles and terrifies fifty six years later. Julie Harris’ perpetually disturbed, intense performance guides us through this harrowing trip into the supernatural.

Evil Dead 2

@ The Jericho Tavern

Doors: 7:30PM

Film: 8:30PM

1987 United States. Sam Raimi

Bombastic sequel, out splattering and laughing it’s predecessor with b movie glee. Raimi’s delight in making the audience laugh, squirm and jump out of their seats is evident from the get go. A nailed on cult classic.

In The Mouth Of Madness

@ The Jam Factory

Doors: 7:30PM

Film: 8:30PM

Plus Q&A with Louise Blain

1994 United States. John Carpenter

Infatuation of a story teller’s tales bleeds off the page into reality in this search for a missing, best selling horror scribe. The populist writer’s work is consumed en-masse and tensions are mounting awaiting his latest novel. An insurance agent’s hunt for the great, Sutter Cain will lead him straight into the mouth of madness.